E-mail Hosting

Mercury Telecom E-Mail is the best-in-class Microsoft® Exchange alternative.

E-Mail Hosting


$3/month or $30/year (per mailbox)


Up to 25 GB included

Customize Your E-mail Address

Register your own domain for a more personalized and recognizable e-mail account, only $15/year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mailboxes can be added, modified, and removed in the Account Manager by clicking on the Services tab. There, you can manage all mailboxes on your account. Individual users can modify their own mailbox settings by logging into Mercury Messaging with their individual e-mail address and password. These interfaces allow you and your e-mail users to control and manage their own mailboxes, reducing administrative overhead.

Server storage is the amount of disk space on the server that you are allowed to use. All of your web pages, graphics, and log files take up hard drive space and count against the amount of server storage allowed in your plan. Electronic mailbox storage does not count against available server storage. You can see how much server storage you have used in WebsiteOS.

Yes. Just call Mercury Telecom customer service and select your new plan.

No. The only change is the monthly recurring fee to that of the new package.

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