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Server Storage 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 5 GB 20 GB
E-Mail Storage 200 MB 200 MB 500 MB 3 GB 4.5 GB
E-Mail Accounts 2 2 5 25 45
Data Transfer 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB 50 GB 200 GB
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mailboxes can be added, modified, and removed in the Account Manager by clicking on the Services tab. There, you can manage all mailboxes on your account. Individual users can modify their own mailbox settings by logging into Mercury Messaging with their individual e-mail address and password. These interfaces allow you and your e-mail users to control and manage their own mailboxes, reducing administrative overhead.

All mailboxes and Standard hosting packages are managed through the on-line Account Manager. Enhanced hosting packages come with WebsiteOS, our enhanced services manager. WebsiteOS gives you complete management capability using a standard web browser and saves you time, money, and resources by transferring site administration to you instead of making you call technical support for every change.

Server storage is the amount of disk space on the server that you are allowed to use. All of your web pages, graphics, and log files take up hard drive space and count against the amount of server storage allowed in your plan. Electronic mailbox storage does not count against available server storage. You can see how much server storage you have used in WebsiteOS.

Data transfer measures the amount of pages, graphics, and other downloads that can be transferred from your web site to visitors. If your average web page, including graphics, is 50,000 bytes, and your hosting plan allows 10GB of data transfer a month, you could have approximately 200,000 page views per month and still remain in the transfer amount allowed by your plan. E-mail does not count against available data transfer. You can view your data transfer usage in WebsiteOS.

You can transfer files to your web site using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), WebsiteOS, or Microsoft FrontPage.

Yes. We provide up to 15 minutes of technician time to transfer your web site to Mercury Telecom as a courtesy when you sign up. This is enough time to transfer most small-business web sites. If your site utilizes secure certificates, databases, or other advanced features, transferring your web site to Mercury Telecom will probably take more time than this. Additional technician time for web site maintenance work is billed at $15 every 15 minutes. We give you the tools needed to do all web migration and maintenance work yourself in WebsiteOS. The charge listed above is only for customers who want to utilize our professional services team instead of doing the web site migration themselves.

Yes. Just call Mercury Telecom customer service and select your new plan.

No. The only change is the monthly recurring fee to that of the new package.

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