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Mercury Network Launches New Website

Alongside the cutting-edge interface, the new website highlights Mercury's new business phone service offerings.

Mercury Network celebrates the launch of its newly redesigned website,, which fully embodies all that the company offers. Since its inception in 1996, the growth that Mercury has had over the years is significant and a new website is a bright way to showcase their customer-focused services and products. The home page is a rolling picture story of the services that Mercury offers; as you click and scroll, you can get in depth or simply scratch the surface of the products that Mercury Network provides. The site is very user-friendly and simple to navigate and the content is easy to understand with a logical flow. Virtually every page has the option to click on "Learn More" or "Get Started" for fast delivery to the area that you would like to learn more about or request information for.

The newest addition to the website and Mercury itself is MercuryTel. MercuryTel, Mercury's phone division, offers a business phone solution that is packed with features, exceptionally customizable, and incredibly affordable. With MercuryTel, there are no upfront costs to the customer, no service fees, no update fees and unlimited training. In addition, they use Cisco® digital phones with advanced capabilities and features.

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